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Doors Plus is one of Australia’s largest retailers in the door industry. Get verified information about Doors Plus email & Phone number. Phone or write in the first instance. The complaints line is 1800 835 750. If you wish to correspond with Doors Plus online you should use the online form via their website.

Doors Plus Contact Information

Report complaints to corporate and get satisfaction

Phone number : 1800 835 750

Support Email :

Support Form :  Doors Plus Support Form

Company website :


Corporate Head Office address

3/2 Parramatta Rd, Clyde NSW 2142

Customer service hours:

How to make a Complaint to Doors Plus

Doors Plus operates an easy to follow complaints procedure. The first step is to call the complaints line on 1800 835 750. They say the vast majority of complaints are successfully resolved at this stage. If yours is not, then the subsequent steps to take are clearly shown on the website.

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About Doors Plus

Doors Plus is an Australian, family-owned company that exists to provide high quality doors to homes across Australia. Since they opened their first store in Punchbowl NSW, in 1989.

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People also ask

Where is Doors Plus head office?

3/2 Parramatta Rd, Clyde NSW 2142

How do I contact Doors Plus ?

Customers can contact Doors Plus via this customer service number (855) 772-8324 .

What is Doors Plus contact email address ?

Mail to email address to contact Doors Plus.

Who is the ceo of Doors Plus ?

Tim Renfrey is the ceo of Doors Plus .

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Use below complaint form to discuss problems you have had with Doors Plus, or how they have handled your complaints. Initial complaints should be directed to Doors Plus directly. You can find complaint contact details for Doors Plus above.

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Doors Plus
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 3 reviews
 by Jan L Golding
Customer service/sales staff
City where company is located (optional): QUINNS ROCKS

Have a lovely guy Karl come out a do free measure and quote. I waited for the quote to be emailed to me and it never happened. Rung the Balcatta store three time to get the quote and was told they would email to me. The last time I called I was very rudely spoken to on the phone, was accused of shouting which didn't happen, then was told to ring back when I knew what doors I wanted even though I had told them on each phone call. I asked to speak to the manager and the guy refused to get them. Can't believe the terrible customer service and I still haven't got my quote! What a waste of time

 by samia
Door installation
City where company is located (optional): Canberra

Terrible nightmare . Bad communication . Cancelling appointment after organising it which was distressing as it happens twice and I’d books months in advance . I am disabled so had to pay a support person so I could cope so to have them not come meant loss of money .
Then they said they’d come , I had to pay for suppprt person again and cancel
Appointments. They “ fitted “ me in . As of they were doing Eva favour even though it was booked .
Door came wrong size . I was blamed despite knowing I’d clearly measured and having had given the correct size . Then they want more money as they need to build a frame .
Builder doesn’t measure so the door is crooked ,
door is also warped , dog door installed but not finished ( I paid extra for the installation and had been very clear ) it became a he said she said . Circumstances out of their control , they were too busy , they tender , not their fault my fault etc . It ends up unfinished crooked with gaps out of alignment , gaps , the builder doesn’t sink screws so the wood cracks lengthways in a line from each screw badly immediately.
Dog door wood is cracked . Primed but not painted- rubbish left . Builder has to rush and leave - appalling job .
I complain - letters no response , send photos no response , phone finally response . Phone again . I get blamed , my fault as they ran out of time ? My fault the measurements were wrong
I insist someone comes and looks , finally a person comes who says they are a manger and agrees it’s appalling , door is indeed warped , screws are done wrong door is cracked and crooked - yes he says , we , will replace . I go over everything he agrees to be sure .
Nothing happens .
Finally after waiting a few weeks and calls emails I get through and they organise it . 7.30 am
Builder comes , I go over it with him .
He has to leave frame unfinished to go to another job again door is crooked , on an angle And gaps all around . Frame is crooked . Door sticks out . Unfinished edges .
Tells me I have to but pain to cover up screw holes and pain as he only did primer X tells me I need to get sanding paper to sand back where old lock went . Tells me I have to buy sealer for edges that are unfinished sticking out not lined up . Poly fill . All yo a disabled person who can’t even go to the shops ?
Says he’s run out of time can’t finish but no indication of when he be back “ just a general “ if I’m on the area “.

So second time excuse is run out of time ? Why ? Schedule the time to be enough time. They act like they are doing you a favour .Worst is they take no responsibility they blame the builders ? Why when you I at the company ? They should be responsible X
I wrote email call nothing . Finally I am pushed to threatening consumer Affairs they call . Ok we will do it - however says they won’t pain I’ll have to paint , it will not include the things we agreed etc .
Finally they agree after I’m
In tears .
Builder comes , door is now sticking out on one side crooked gaps on all sides , rain will come in , it looks bad , the frame is unfinished ( said he’ll come back ) but no assurance of when so left half done ? Screw dunk but not coveted at all . Tells me I havd to do that but pain that I have to sand the places where the new locks went - that I have to buy Olly fill .
So again am I fingers crooked door not aligned unfinished and with gaps ? Appalling gif over $1,000 and months of waiting fighting and so what can I do ? It’s so stressful . They tender to builders do they bland the builders . I went with them as I thought ok go with a company that just does doors to get a hood job ? What a joke . Nice builders terrible job ? No excuse , but I’m
Blamed ? How is the customer to blame ? Terrible absolutely appalling . Left with a job that is so crap I can’t believe it . Plus if it rains the rain will come in and of course air . So loss of heating filling issues - very distressing and no recourse .

What can I do ? This is appalling stress months and lots of money over a thousand lots of lost time . Etc .
The below review is exactly my experience - disgusting
It requires a rating to submitt if it let me do no rating that’s what I’d do . So upset . Taken advantage of

 by Andrew Robertson
Installation of external bi-fold doors
City where company is located (optional): BRIDGEMAN DOWNS, Brisbane

From beginning to end the installation of the doors in my home was a nightmare, which brought out the worst in me. The Manager of the Stafford shop had absolutely NO idea how to properly handle a customer complaint, he failed on every point of customer services. This man was rude, offensive and foul mouthed, swearing in front of my wife in my home. I suggest he is either dismissed from the job he holds or trained and until he is he should be kept away from irate customers.
I believe the doors have not been measured or cut properly hence the problems I faced. The seals are useless because the doors don't meet the frame as they should, the installation was shoddy to say the least and there was no follow up. There is a 6mm gap under the base of the frame so if you stand on it, it moves. The solution, don't stand on it. The second door scrapes the base if opened in a particular way, the solution, don't open the door like that. Bricks were taken out and although the company agreed to provide a bricklayer at additional cost, to date this has not happened.
Overall I wouldn't touch this particular branch of the company with a barge pole not would I recommend them.
I have more doors to install and I told the Manager that he would not be getting the business, his response, "we don't want your business and I pity the company you go to". The Manager of this Branch is a joke and as I said, should be kept well away from complaining customers.