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chemist warehouse is an Australian company operating a chain of retail pharmacies both locally and internationally. Get verified information about chemist warehouse complaints email & Phone number. Phone or write in the first instance. The complaints line is 1300 367 283. If you wish to correspond with chemist warehouse online you should use the online form via their website.

Chemist Warehouse Contact Information

Report complaints to corporate and get satisfaction

Phone number : 1300 367 283

Support Email :

Support Form :  Chemist Warehouse Support Form

Company website :

Tweet: ChemistWhouse

Corporate Head Office address

6 Albert St, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday- 9:00am to 5:00

Sunday-Saturday closed

How to make a Complaint to Chemist Warehouse

Complaints handling is available on the Chemist Warehouse website via ‘Customer Support.’ The first step is to call on the complaints line 1300 367 283. If your complaint is not resolved at this stage, the company’s complaints procedure is clearly set out along with further contact details such as a correspondence address and online contact form.

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More Contact Number’s Of Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse customer service Contact : 1300 367 283
Stores: 1300 734 876

About Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse is an Australian company operating a chain of retail shops. The company is Australia’s largest pharmacy retailer and employs over 8,000 staff.

The organization’s structure makes it to”management” approximately 300 pharmacies across Australia, and it makes up about 20% of the market share.

Products & Services


Health products
Personal care
Baby products
Weight loss


Health products
Baby products

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People Also Ask

Who owns Chemist Warehouse in Australia?
Despite the pandemic and current cost of living crisis, the chemist giant, owned by Mario Verrocchi and family, and Jack and Sam Gance and family, managed to bring in a gross profit of over $1.07bn last financial year with a total revenue of over $3.07bn.

Where is the head office of Chemist Warehouse?
6 Albert St, Preston VIC 3072, Australia

Who is Chemist Warehouse owned by?
Chemist Warehouse founder Jack Gance is Australian retailing royalty, with a personal wealth of $319M

Chemist Warehouse Customer service number?
Dial number 1300 367 283 to contact Chemist Warehouse.

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Hopefully, We helped you to get some genuine records for Chemist Warehouse Complaint information.

Use below complaint form to discuss problems you have had with Chemist Warehouse, or how they have handled your complaints. Initial complaints should be directed to Chemist Warehouse directly. You can find complaint contact details for Chemist Warehouse above.

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Chemist Warehouse Australia
Average rating:  
 36 reviews
 by Lucas

The cost is very good. My neighborhood pharmacy had been where I was getting my medications. Prior to visiting one of these establishments, I had to pay double for my diabetes medications and other expenses. My script is even kept on file, and I am called when it's ready!Though there is a trade-off, there isn't much personal service.

 by Peter
City where company is located (optional): Norwood

I am deeply concerned about the promotion of the gay agenda in the advertising all over the shop. I find this offensive and wish not for children to be subject to this unnatural disorder. It has nothing to do with shopping for items . Please remove

 by Unknown
City where company is located (optional): rootyhill

I was there last time at chemist warehouse i heard the owner shouting with staff. I felt so bad and it was so rude. You must take some action regarding this.They should respect staff they are not servent.

 by Kerrie Ward
City where company is located (optional): Geelong West, Victoria

I had the displeasure of having to deal with people,unable to speak or understand English. Repeated calls to get my script filled.(had to order in)waited over 7 days. Wrong product,wrong amount, exorbitantly over priced. Returned to my chemist(amcal)in Queensland, asked for my electronic scripts to be sent to my phone,and my chemist. I kid you not,at least 7 attempts, 1 hour waiting. Nothing,zip,zilch. Rang next day,accused of already having scripts filled. Had to fill in and allow them to access all my pharmacy transactions. Still nothing. Next phone call,they demanded to speak to my Dr. I couldn't get an appointment for 4 days,but they rang and have caused great angst among staff and myself. Texted my Dr,he squeezed me in...and thank god, amcal to the rescue.
I lost my 11 year old grandson, tragically in a house fire just before Christmas. The lack of empathy, support,help was dreadful. My amcal chemist and Dr went above and beyond to rectify this problem. Soooo disappointed....never again.

 by Rohit
Online Order
City where company is located (optional): Sydney

It's been 3 weeks that order is placed and yet not shipped. No responses to online enquiries , emails or customer care calls. There is no way to cancel the order as well.

 by Andrew
Online orders

Only giving one star as zero is not an option. Ordered delivery on the Chemist Warehouse website. Next day the money has been taken from my account. 17 days later the order is still processing and no one will reply via their email process, form process or answer the phone. This is absolutely disgusting customer service. They have stolen my money! I know covid is around and delays are expected but the lack of care or communication is the issue. Their website acknowledges the delays caused by covid but is still promising online orders will be processed in 48 hours. This is false advertising at its best. NEVER BY FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU... ONLY YOUR MONEY. Support local business!

 by Julie
Rude and Dismissive attitude displayed
City where company is located (optional): Wollongong

I had several questions about the availability of heart and other medication as a Senior without any family, in case of needing to Isolate or having Covid at home.

The current Policy is that medication is not dispensed unless a full month has expired from last purchase. I queried this as am over 70 and considered vulnerable and wanted to know how I could access my medication while at home if I was in a Covid situation.

The person Chris who is supposed to manage three stores in the Illawarra told me they don’t deliver- BUT go to my local chemist and get them to deliver????

I explained that THEY are my local store for many years!!!

I also stated that there are Government initiatives to help people like me should the situation arise.

This person Chris repeatedly told me that they don’t deliver and to get help at my local Chemist.

He walked off leaving me with no option but to go home and try to find out myself.

Well, Chemist Warehouse’s own website does state that they deliver!!!
Also mentions “vulnerable people needing assistance”

I also found out about the “Home Medicines Service “ which has been set up particularly for Covid situations.

Both sites ask you to see your Pharmacy Manager!!

Perhaps Chris didn’t get the message yet?

I phoned this person from home to advise these details and even sent him the information to his email.

I’m sure I am not alone in wanting reassurance in this tricky time.!!

To cover his ineptitude Chris again repeated the same things - which are clearly wrong!
He told me I was frightening him and staff members !!

Really? A female pensioner asking questions a MANAGER should know!!!

My life is important too!!!

No stars at all for this lack of service. In fact having such a person in Management is a sad reflection of Chemist Warehouse!!

This person Chris stated he couldn’t find the information I sent him on his own website.


And I am fully aware and understanding of staff shortages - but don’t treat me as if I am insignificant, or an idiot!!

We all know that when someone is caught out they “bluster”!!!

Let’s hope the REAL Manager will be back soon to replace this one who lacks knowledge, empathy and manners.

 by Gisela
Bad service
City where company is located (optional): Maroochydore

Non-existent customer service from three staff members. I said "excuse me" to the staff member who was just coming out from behind the far counter to the prescriptions and asked if I could have a bottle of iron which was right behind her, at arms length and she said I would have to go to the other end of the counter and line up. Then the staff member at the other end, the script end of the counter over looked me in the queue and chose to serve the person behind me instead. Then after asking at the front counter where the laundry detergent was, I went to look for it only to find the shelf empty, however there were extras on the top shelf so I asked the first staff member if I could get one of those from the top. She was "busy" putting price shelf stickers on, did not acknowledge me and kept on doing what she was doing until she decided to go and get a ladder. She then proceeded to take off every small box which was sitting not just on top of the one I wanted but behind also, I said just one will do and said thank you. At the front checkout there was one customer being served and further along a staff member behind the counter so I asked if she was open, she replied No. How incredibly rude! I cannot believe these people have a job- they don't deserve it! I will never shop there again and I will be sure to let everyone I soeak to know how terrible it is to shop there. You should be ashamed of yourselves treating customers so badly when we are the ones who keep YOU employed !!!! The one star is for the lady who finally served me.

 by Rob
Service from Chemist (??)
City where company is located (optional): Jindalee

Was unable to obtain Chlorsig eyedrops for my 89 year old (Cancer Diagnosed) who has had painful eyes and advised by her Optometrist to use these drops in that situation. Whilst an S3 drug a prescription is not required. Had I not seen written advice from a Optometrist I would not have become so upset by the apparent lack of concern from the chemist ..

 by Cayden Richards
City where company is located (optional): Edge Cliff

Chemist Warehouse Edge Cliff are discriminating against people with medical conditions.
I was thrown out of the Edge Cliff store for not wearing a mask, even though I have a mask exemption.
This is unlawful. We have anti discrimination laws to protect people against this sort of harassment.
The head office customer complaints did nothing.
A disgusting company

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